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We don't know when this happened, because we haven't met, we only dreamt with our eyes opened.


We then remembered and wanted to share our memories.


Maybe it will remind you of something...

"Unconscious memories"

International project/exhibition - it's a space where people of various generations, cultures, styles of life meet.

Together they will try to find out what is hidden behind the memories.


“Skalvija” Cinema Center,

5 November – 4 December

Opening on 5 November 2009 at 6:00 pm

Participants: Benas Šarka (Lithuania), Petra Valiskova (Slovakia), Luis Paulo de Sa (Brasil), Nadežda Gric (Lithuania), Hiromi Tsuha (Japan), Monika Šlančauskaitė (Lithuania), Paulius Karpas (Lithuania)


Petra Valiskova (Slovakia)

Photography. "Infinity of thoughts" – are thoughts concerning the lack of peace of mind in the modern person's life, love, creativity, career, etc.


Benas Šarka (Lithuania)

Audiovisual films: “Grey almost white“, „Soul wall“. Authors – Benas Šarka and Virginijus Malčius. Photo installation: author – Benas Šarka, photographers – Raimundas Urbanas, Remigijus Tregys.


Films are shown daily from 5 pm. (free)


After the films – music by Aivaras Ruzgas (video for the music by Paulius Karpas).


Luis Paulo de Sa (Brasil).

Uses photography to keep record of his memories, unconsciously answering his whats, wheres, whens, hows, whos and whys. These photographs are not about remembering – they work best for not forgetting. Together with Storytelling, Photography is an invitation to share one's point of view, one's memories, one's impressions; an invitation to question ourselves what do we see?


Nadežda Gric (Lithuania)

Photography. The sea of my memory is soughing and weltering; it casts the images ashore, spits out the sounds, stirs names and days in its whirls… and, swaying among all those currents, I clearly know only one thing – I DON'T REMEMBER YOUR FACE.

Hiromi Tsuha (Japan)

Installation. “Neighbourhood” is concerned with a place, where I can be within the 'displacement' to construct a space for one's need.


Monika Šlančauskaitė (Lithuania)

Installation. “Lick” – inspiration by the novel “In Search of Lost Time. Swann’s Way“ by Marcel Proust, the citation about eating the cake. Read it.

Installation. “Open up” – the most important thing is to be not afraid to take it and open it, and the rest is feelings, fantasy, memories, thoughts.


Paulius Karpas (Lithuania)

Over self-manipulated photography. The author is a great person.



all which i do not remember:


Skaityti daugiau...